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    For more than 50 years our brand MAGETA® supplies highest quality and longest product live-cycles to provide a smooth handling in automotive workshops. Our exhaustgas hoses are without wire and traversable, made for a long working lifespan. To meet our customers expectations we only use highest quality materials for our products. Our maintenance-free radial fans are made of die-cast aluminium housing and our traversable hoses and funnels are made of high quality EPDM. Also our floor covers are made of die-cast aluminium, therefore traversable and unbreakable, even for loads of heavy-duty trucks. The sucction channels are made according to newest technology. The extruded aluminium is light-weigth and torsion-free. In conjunction with system accessories everything is easy to install.
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    Whatever you need to extract the exhaust gas from your working place, you will get it here! No matter if you need mobile suction rail for fire stations or only want to replace a broken hose, our modular spare part system will meet all your requirements. Look through our catalogue which is structured in product categories. If you have to assemble a new system, of course we will help you. If you are looking for a solution for a small oldtimer garage or a performance testing dynamometer, if you need tender documents for a firestation or industry or you are only looking to replace a broken funnel: we will find the matching solution for you. For export we accept paypal!

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    In recent years the life cycle or products in automotive industry had been shortend tremendously. New exhaust gas systems are presented constantly to the market. And we face the challenge! We had invented new hoses for floor extraction systems, which are traversable and can withstand higher temperatures of catalytic converters. Our technical department is entrusted with market oriented development and improvment of our products. You can purchase universal use funnels, made to meet different car types or high-temperature hoses ready for up to 700°C needed for diesel particulate filter systems.